Er. Prabhat Ranjan Mallick

  • (Chairman)

During the last few decades of the last century the private sector has played a vital role in the field of education, especially in engineering and technology, throughout the world and particularly in India. College of Engineering Bhubaneswar strongly believes in providing a distinctive and relevant combination of academic skills and technical experience. This is a combination that is designed to provide a foundation for a lifetime of professional and personal development. COEB is dedicated to act as the nurturing ground for young professionals who seek to make their mark in life.

This is a collaborative process involving close interaction with the teacher and the Student. The institute provides state-of-the-art Infrastructure to facilitate optimum resource allocation to each student for imparting technical education. We at COEB look forward to a relationship where the learning quotient rises above the mere imparting of academic knowledge and leads to holistic growth of the young mind.