The institute has been following the Outcome-Based Education since 1999. Outcome based education (OBE) which is a student centric teaching & learning methodology is considered from course delivery to assess and to achieve the stated objectives & outcomes.

Through OBE model, the progress of the graduate is measuring through the following parameters

  • * Program out comes (Pos)
  • * Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)
  • * Program Educational Objectives (PEO)
  • * Course Outcome (CO)

Direct Attainment- CO Attainment:

The CO-attainment was measured on the student performance in internal (Mid exams)& External examination.

In both the exams, the percentage of student scoring more than 50% marks are calculated

  • * For internal exam- the threshold ranges from 0-50% is 1, 50-75% is 2 and more than 75% is 3.
  • * For university exam the threshold ranges from 0-40% for 1, 40-60% for 2 and more than 60% for 3.

The COs POs & PSO’s are in the scale of 1 to 3.

  • * Attainment level, 1 being slight (low),
  • * Attainment level 2 being moderate (Medium)
  • * Attainment level 3 being substantial (High)

Further, the CO-feedback are analysed. A weightage of 80% to student performance in course and 20% to CO feedback was define to yield the output of the final course outcome attainment. Each CO’s are prepared in connection with certain PO’s and PSO’s and is known as course articulation matrix (CAM). The CAM shows relationship between CO & PO for a course. Program articulation matrix is formed by the strength of correlation of CO’s with PO’s & PSO’s. The final direct attainment is calculated through Program Articulation Matrix (PAM).

Indirect attainment

For indirect attainment, the following parameters are used

  • * Alumni feedback survey (Yearly once)
  • * Teachers feedback survey (Per Semester)
  • * Students feedback survey (Per Semester)
  • * Employers feedback survey (Yearly Once)

The feedback and exit survey are mapped with respective PO’s and PSO’s based on the input data, the attainment was calculated on level 1,2 & 3. Average of all the indirect method of attainments is finalized for further process.