The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of COEB came into existence in the year 2014 with a view to encourage students to consider self-employment as a career option and to provide training in entrepreneurship through modular courses. Since its inception ED Cell has been actively working to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in the students of COEB. The main focus of the cell is to develop entrepreneurial motivation, behavioural skills, competencies and enterprise management abilities of the students.

• To train and motivate students to develop their own enterprise
• To create an environment for innovation and self-employment.
• To support continual education needs of students in areas of technology and management
• To train students to develop the qualities of an entrepreneur

• To create awareness among students through Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp and Expert Talks
• Identification of the entrepreneur and training (EDPs, Workshops and B-Plan competitions)

Advisory Board
For effective implementation of the programme an Advisory Board is constituted. The Advisory Board lays down policy guidelines and gives suggestions for the development of the cell. The Advisory Board meets at least twice a year.

Er.Pravat Ranjan Mallick

Mrs.Namita Mallick

Dr.Sadasiv Dash

Programme Co-Ordinator
Dr. Dhananjay Beura
Department of Business Administration


Dr.Subrat Kumar Mohanty
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar

Prof. (Dr.) Sasmita Nayak
Asst.Professor, Dept. of Business Administration
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar

Prof.Sitanshu Ranjan Swain
HOD,Dept.of Electronics& Tele Com. Engg
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar

Prof.Puspa Ranjan Swain
HOD,Dept.of Automobile Engg
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar

HOD,Dept.of MCA
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar
Dr. Sujit Kumar Khuntia
Dean R&D
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar

Prof.Simanchal Panda
HOD,Dept.of Civil Engg
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar

Prof.Pradipta Kumar Nayak
HOD,Dept.of Electrical & Electronics Engg
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar

Prof.Bivas Ranjan Parida
HOD,Dept.of Computer Science
College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar