Research & Publications


Dr. Namita Mahapatra

International Publications:

1) Effect of Hall Current on MHD flow and exponentially accelerated porous flat plat with internal heat absorption / generation and mass transfer in AMSE , France 07 233 (26)2008
2) Effect of hall current and chemical reaction of MHD flow along a porous flat plate with internal heat absorption/generation in Ultra scientist of physical 24/2012

National level Publications:

1) Effect of chemical Reaction on free convection flow through a porous medium bounded by a vertical surface. in Journal of Engg. Physics & thermo physics Vol 3 Nov 2010
2) Unsteady free convection MHD flow & mass transfer through porous media of a 2nd order fluid between two heated plates with source & sink in National Academy of Science, India Vol 80 2010, Section of Physical Science
3) “Non-linear variation type in-equation on reflexive real Banach space in National Seminar, CEB, BBSR 27-28/09/2008

Dr. Debasmita Samal

International Publications:

1) An Exponential Production- Inventory problem with Exponential demand, time dependent Deterioration rate with shortages. International Journal of Physical Sciences28-E/2009.
2) An Exponential Production- Inventory problem with Exponential demand, time dependent Deterioration rate with partial back-logging. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences3/201.
3) A Production Lot-Size Inventory model for we bull deteriorating items with quadratic Demand, quadratic Production and shortages. International Journal of Computer Science and Communication 2010.
4) An EOQ model for Inventory system Dependent upon on hand Inventory. Proceedings of International Conferences on challenges and application of Mathematics in Science 3/2010.
5) An Inventory Model for deteriorating items with on hand inventory Dependent Ramped type demand rate. International Journal of Information Technology and Knowledge Management 20/2008.

National level Publications:

1) “An Economic Production Lot-Size Inventory model for deteriorating items with Weibull Production and Weibull Demand rate”. Proceedings of International VISION. XXVI. No.3./2006.
2) “An Inventory Model with on hand inventory Dependent demand rate without shortages”, Journal of Indian Academy of Mathematics29/2.


Dr. Santosh Kumar Acharay

International Publications:

1) Variation of Water qualities of Chilika Lake, East coast of India . I.J.M.S Vol.33,2 Year 2004,pp-162-169.
2) Spatial and Temporal distribution of Phytplankton and associated pigments of Chilika Lagoon. I.J.M.S Date-9-13, Dec-2004.
3) Water and sediment quality of coastal Orissa and West Bengal. Coastal Environments and Management-2004 Date-24&25 April-2004.
4) Study of water characteristics of Rushikulya Estuary. M.Phill Thesis.2000-2001.
5) Report on IRS P-4 OCM Data Utilization Work Plan and Coastal Processes-2001-2003. Report No-T/MM/447/Jan-2004.



Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals(national / international):

1) I ) Grammatik: “GRAMMAR TEACHING –A FUN”. E- Journal: CYLIBRATIONS published by INFOSYS, BBSR.vol-7(2).



International Journals:

1) Oxygen Vacancy Mediated Defect Process for Sharp High K Dielectric Anomaly in GdMnO3 Ceramics, Adv. Sci. Lett. 20, 2014, American journal of physics publication.
2) Correlation between structural, electrical and magnetic properties of GdMnO3 bulk ceramics, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 339, 2013, Elesvier Publication.
3) Effect of holmium substitution for the improvement of multiferroic properties of BiFeO3 ,Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 71, 2010. Elesvier Publication.
4) Room temperature multiferroicity in Bi rich Fe deficient Gd doped Bi1.2Gd0.1Fe0.8O3 Journal of Alloys and Compound 509, 2011. Elsevier Publication.

National journal

1 ) Mn doped ZnO: A diluted Magnetic Semiconductor, Bulletin of Orissa Physical Society, Vol.-XV, February 2008..

International/ National conference proceedings:

1) X-Ray Photoelectron Spectra of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 Processed by EATPAH Technique, AIP proceedings of International Workshop on Mesoscopic, Nanoscopic and Macroscopic Materials, American journal of physics, 222- 229, 2008.
2) Ferroelectric studies on GdMnO3 bulk ceramics with the variation of sintering temperature. Indian Science Congress, 3rd - 7th January, 2013.
3) Enhanced Room temperature multiferroicity in Gd doped BFO, International seminar on Nanotechnology and Functional Materials, January 10-11, 2009 (Invited Talk).

Dr. Ananta charan mishra

National and International

1 ) ”Migration and Urbanization case study of slum Dwellers”,Odisha Economic Journal,2012.vol-44,No.1&2.
2) ”Socio-economic conditions of slum dwellers;-A study of Cuttack city”, International Journal for management research,vol-III/Issue-I/April 2013.