Mission & Vision

  • To provide in-depth knowledge in basic sciences which forms the back bone for all Engineering disciplines and also in enhancing the communication and soft-skills of the students to pursue a successful engineering carrier and to train the students to apply these basic principles in real world situation
  • To inculcate extraordinary analytical, logical, soft skill and ethical values in students to make them ready for the corporate world.
  • To integrate human values and social concerns with technical education.
  • To promote and strengthen R & D programs with other technical institutions, It also endeavors’ to build quality based knowledge and human resource capacity.

The department of Basic Sciences & Humanities is committed to inculcate competence and proficiency in the students in the field of basic sciences, technology and personality development so that they can think critically & logically, communicate clearly, and live ethically. The department is dedicated to provide fundamental education through promoting research in diverse and interdisciplinary field to attain their professional and academic goals.